Spring 2017 Rosters:

15U – Head Coach:  Jay Abate –          

15UAssistant Coach:  Todd Morgan


(L to R) Levi King, Paddy Murphy, Nick Lauzon, Connor Warner, Coach Abate, Chas Morgan, Zach Scott, Nate Dauray, Luke Santos, John Pelligrino, Aaiden Borsher, Coach Morgan

14U – Head Coach:   Justin Mathews –     

14U –  Assistant Coach:  Mike McGonagle

BJ Jenkins, Tyree Evans, Evan Moreau, Jake Stone, Sean Couture, Aidan McGonagle, Moziah Mathews, John Mainella, Ian Morgan

13U – Head Coach: Steve Connell –           

13U – Assistant Coach:  Sue Haik

Jacob Godfrey, Tyler White, Luke Marley, Jackson Bernard, Marcus Haik, Michael Mahone, Nick Perry, Logan Smallridge, Kamrin Perreault, Dante Wilk

12U – 
Head Coach: Tim Raymond – 

12U – Assistant Coach:  Mike Murdock

Bryce Holden, Luke Raymond, Ryan Rodgers, Joey Murdock, Connor Tavares, Brandon Tavares, Lucas Pennacchia, Robby Simoes, Van Limoges, Jaxson Morkis

11U – Head Coach:  Rob Wilson          

11U – Assistant Coach:  Heath Dugas


Front (L to R): Blake, James, Andrew, Melo, Dylan, Chris

Back (L to R):  Mike, Coach Wilson, Lucas, Jessie, Tyler, Coach Heath



Fall 2016 Rosters:

15U – Head Coach:  Jay Abate –          

15UAssistant Coach:  Hunter Warner


  • L to R: Asst. Coaches Hunter Warner and Todd Morgan, Chas Morgan (Westerly HS), Daniel Smith (North Kingstown HS), Zach Scott (Stonington HS), BJ Jenkins (Middletown HS), Connor Warner (Westerly HS), Coach Jay Abate, Luke Slom (Prout HS), Nate Dauray (Chariho HS), Aaiden Borsher (Stonington HS), Levi King (Chariho HS),  John Pellegrino (Chariho HS)

14U – Head Coach:  Mike McGonagle  –          

14U –  Assistant Coach:  Justin Mathews – 


  • Front (L to R) Isaac Yeles, Tom Calabro, Matt Calabro, Marcus Plante
  • Back (L to R) Coach Mathews, Moziah Mathews, Evan Moreau, Aiden McGonagle, Sean Couture, Ethan Cole, Coach McGonagle

13U – Head Coach:  Tim Raymond –            

13U – Assistant Coach:  Steve Connell –

  • Jacob Godfrey, Tyler White, Jackson Bernard, Luke Raymond, Jaxson Morkis, Reid Martone, Nick Perry, Logan Smallridge, Kamrin Perreault, Joey Murdock

12U/11U – Head Coach:  Heath Dugas –            

12U/11U – Assistant Coach:  Josh Dugas


  • Front (L to R) Jesse Samo, Dylan Dugas, James Smith, Andrew Peatee, Blake Silverman, Cameron Lindberg
  • Back (L to R) Coach Heath, Bryce Holden, Ryan Rodgers, Matt Tiernan, Creighton Whaley, Coach Josh



Spring 2016 Rosters:

14U – Head Coach:  Jay Abate –          

14UAssistant Coach:  Tim Sartor

  • Levi King, Luke Slom, Nate Dauray, John Pellegrino, JJ McKenna, Ayden Morrison, Josh Curtin, Zach Scott, Aiden Borsher, Connor Warner


13U – Head Coach:  Justin Mathews –         

13U –  Assistant Coach:  Mike McGonagle

  • Andrew Campbell, Ian Morgan, Isaac Yeles, Sean Underhill, Nick Lauzon, Moziah Mathews, John Mainella, Aiden McGonagle, Ethan Cole, Jake Stone, Brian Cuddy


12U – Head Coach:  Steve Connell –          

12U – Assistant Coach:  Paul Chaloux

  • Jacob Godfrey, Tyler White, Tom Calabro, Matt Calabro, Jared Chaloux, Jackson Bernard, Marcus Haik, Dylan McClung, Mike Mahone, Lavell Shepard


11U – Head Coach:  Tim Raymond –          

11U – Assistant Coach:  Kyle Beemis

  • Luke Raymond, Logan Smallridge, Nick Perry, Dylan Dugas, Joey Murdock, Konnor Perrin, Creighton Whaley, James Smith, Matt Tiernan, Kamrin Perreault




Spring 2015 Rosters:

11 and Under

Head Coach:  Steve Connell –

Assistant Coach:  Sue Haik

  • Tyler Labelle
  • Luke Mead
  • Jacob Godfrey
  • Luke Raymond
  • Nicolas Colangelo
  • Michael Mahone
  • David Figueroa
  • Harrison Lurgio
  • Marcus Haik
  • Tyler White
  • Ridge Burrell


12 and Under

Head Coach: Justin Mathews –

Assistant Coach:  Steve Connell

  • Johnny Mainella
  • Jake Stone
  • Moziah Mathews
  • Sean Couture
  • Aiden McGonagle
  • Isaac Yeles
  • Dante Connell
  • Ethan Cole
  • Bryan Cuddy
  • Josh Turner


13 and Under

Head Coach:  Larry Scott – (not pictured)

Assistant Coach:  Peter King

  • Levi King
  • Luke Slom
  • Tyler Pearson
  • Mark Gervasini
  • Nick Lauzon
  • Connor Warner
  • Aaiden Borsher
  • Jakob Sacco
  • Nate Dauray
  • Sean Underhill





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